A Day of Tea

21 Oct

My wife and I spent a lovely morning together, and then went to the Suyeong Marina for the Third Busan International Tea Festival.

I tried so many types of tea, from China, Japan, and Korea, including white tea, several kinds of green tea, and puerh tea. If you’ve never had white tea, it’s very mild and actually yellow-hued. It’s much more pleasant with fruit and also blended well with olfactory cues. I learned how to drink all of the teas in different ways. Years ago, I attended a Korean tea ceremony in Busan, and my wife and I learned about a tea ceremony in Osaka, Japan, but today I received some special attention. As you can see I was called upon to participate in a performance of a royal audience, and drink some more white tea.

I also snapped some good photos of a Korean ceremony for the queen and her ladies. Unfortunately, my batteries seized up and died near the end. My wife and I both participated in a Japanese tea ceremony, so no photos of that.

If anything the honey-coated figs, walnuts, rice cakes, and other confections were delicious. There were vendors, mostly local, selling tea (I bought some puerh tea), and a few teahouses that keep the traditions alive. From a devotee of the southern house wine, Lipton’s iced tea, drinking tea has become a hobby of sorts, and now tea, from Assam to Darjeeling, has become my morning and afternoon habit. It’s hard to get black tea in Busan, where green tea is the favorite, but I also have found tea shops selling puerh and oolong.

More later, but the caffeine is leaving my system, and I can feel I’m beginning to crash!


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  1. Julie 22 October 2007 at 9:28 pm #

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