Dems Dis Disney

26 Sep

Goofy Another indication of how skewed out of shape elections are in the US:

One day after Florida Democratic officials said they would defy the national party and press ahead with plans for a Jan.29 presidential primary, the consequences became a bit clearer.

One early casualty: the state party’s Oct.26-28 convention in Orlando, which had been expected to draw the entire Democratic presidential field to Walt Disney World. Instead, the candidates will likely be no-shows.

“We’d love to have them,” Florida Democratic spokesman Mark Burbriski said. “But we know it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.”

And thanks to the pledge they signed under pressure from Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina — the only states authorized to hold primaries or caucuses before Feb. 5 — it appears that the Democratic presidential candidates will neither campaign nor run commercials in Florida, much to the chagrin of television stations.

“We figured this thing was going to be a shootout,” said Bill Bauman, general manager of WESH-Channel 2 in Orlando. “But when they’re not campaigning in Florida, they’re not spending money.”

Disney World and TV stations? Isn’t this the Democratic party?

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