Better Than Hollywood

11 Sep

The Chinese and Russians held an anti-terror exercise in the Moscow region between September 4 to 6. The scenario sounds and unrelated to “al-Qaeda-linked terrorism”, according to The Jamestown Foundation, yet Beijing and Moscow still managed to improve upon history.

The “crisis” in the scenario was triggered by the arrest in China of the leader of an international crime syndicate; his connections responded by taking hostages in Russia, including Chinese citizens. As events unfolded, Chinese special forces were called on to support Russian police. The concert hall was quickly surrounded, while inside the building terrorists appeared on stage announcing to the audience that they had been taken hostage. The press were invited inside the building, but only for a short time. The militants demanded a ransom of $2 million. Reportedly, the special forces were unaware in advance of certain elements that emerged during the exercise, for example shots were heard coming from inside the building, testing the reaction of the security personnel. According to the scenario, hostages had been shot. Armored personnel carriers were used to deploy forces, marksmen were deployed, while the tense situation inside the concert hall deteriorated with terrorists armed with grenades proving increasingly volatile. The exercise headquarters, meanwhile, began frantically planning the storming of the building (NTV, Mir, September 4).

This is exactly what happens when good script-writers fail to receive the attention they deserve.

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