What Does Brzezinski Want?

7 Sep

I don’t know which of former NSC advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ?whether it’s supporting Obama or that negotiations with enemies is good policy?but I would accept the latter one definitely. On the issue of whether Obama or Clinton is the “change” candidate on foreign policy, while some of Clinton’s stances worry me and her past stances, say, on Kosovo, don’t please me either, I’m not confident about Obama in the Situation Room either.

But, too, I think Brzezinski is plugging his own arguments and hoping Obama would consider them. It’s more than a little presumptuous to think one’s stuff is the “change” that’s needed, no matter how much I like Brzezinski (past errors and all). Obama has yet to layout his new agenda, and the gaffes so far are not reassuring. Hiring Brzezinski might add some gravitas to the platform, but then again the same was said about Bush and Cheney.

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