Bringing A Little Korean-Ness to the World

6 Aug

Two Reuters TV reports relay some of the conflicting emotions and arguments flowing from the consequences of allowing 23 South Korean Christian aid workers to enter Afghanistan illegally.

Firstly, there’s the coy nonchalance of the Roh administration and family members spliced in between progressive demands for unilateral American pressure on the Karzai government. Isn’t this eerily reminiscent of the cynicism the South Korean Left peddles on the Gwangju issue. In 1980, so progressives aver, America could have stopped General Chun Doo-hwan from slaughtering innocent protesters, perhaps even ended his coup. Now, Washington can sort out the mess South Koreans created, regardless of the consequences. Hegemonic power is justifiable, if South Koreans are the beneficiaries.

Secondly, is . The Taliban are claiming two hostages are seriously ill, and repeating a demand for two Talib prisoners.

These vignettes, a presidential spokesperson, progressive protesters, and a hostage, are just a small slice of a Korean clannishness that rarely extends beyond self-interest, but often consumes the unwitting and unwilling.


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  1. anonimous 6 September 2007 at 10:51 pm #

    that the americans, them can’t never live fine or to make proud, of the stole. them are never making a fine living them are ever unhapy, because the stoled good and money dosen’t leave a fine scence of the life, but them any way, some chiness very much inteligent man, long ago, he said, don’t hurt if you don’ want to be hurt.-

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