A Whole Cascade of Pertinent Iraq War Debate

23 Jul

After last week’s ugly mess between Senators Graham and Webb, Meet the Press yesterday was solid gold. And here  in an equally remarkable exchange with Bob Woodward and Stephen Hayes:

MR. BROOKS:  Well, if we leave, we could see 250,000 Iraqis die.  You had the John Burns’ quotation earlier in the program.  So are we willing to prevent 10,000 Iraqi deaths a month at the cost of 125 Americans?  That’s a tough moral issue, but it’s also a tough national interest issue because we don’t know what the consequences of getting out are.  And the frustration of watching the debate in Washington, very few people are willing to, to grapple with those two facts, that there’s—that the surge will not work in the short-term, but getting out will be cataclysmic.  And you see politicians on both sides evading one of those two facts.  But you’ve got to grapple with them both.

Please read the entire transcript, because it will soothe those frazzled nerves burned by extremist rhetoric on both left and right. Now, I’ll come back to post about Mike McConnell, whose performance was about as straight as any I’ve seen by a Bush administration official, but who also did . Americans need a calm space to make good decisions, and Tim Russert delivered the Sunday talk.

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