Send Gephardt’s Endorsement Back

6 Jul

. Even considering his career, his favorite son status in Iowa, and his pro-union credentials, former Democratic Representative Richard Gephardt should have been exiled to the dark side of the moon for :

Sundays are for absolution, and after a week like this last one, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle sorely needed a good cleansing. After delicately positioning himself in the Iraq debate as the knot uniting Democratic war hawks like Joe Lieberman, skeptics like Joe Biden, and doves like House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi, Daschle had his strings sliced by Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, who last Wednesday pledged his support for President Bush’s desired congressional resolution. The move granted the patina of bipartisanship to the Bush initiative without much concession. This broke the spine of Biden and Senator Richard Lugar’s alternative resolution tethering the use of force to Iraqi disarmament, which Daschle prefers. Perhaps even worse for Daschle, whose job in the Senate has been unfavorably compared to herding cats, it left some Hill Democrats grousing to reporters about how the leadership had sold them out.

I consider myself a hawk, and a Democrat, so I find Taylor Marsh’s support for this development spineless. Firstly, this Democratic leader undercut his party for his own vanity and presidential aspirations. Secondly, he undercut any chance Congress had of overseeing the Bush administration’s war efforts. Accepting Gephardt’s endorsement makes Clinton look both brazenly opportunistic (in Iowa) and supports her view that presidents deserve vast discretionary powers in wartime.

Beware another imperial president!

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