It’s Time for Second-Best Options in Iraq

6 Jul

Senator and US presidential candidate Joseph Biden (D., Delaware) still has the best plan for dealing politically and diplomatically with Iraq.

The war in Iraq is the barrier to solving all other problems the United States faces, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden said.

“We’ve got to free up the $100 million we’re wasting on the Iraq war,” said Sen. Biden, D-Del., on the downtown pedestrian mall in Iowa City. “I’m the only one who’s laid out a political solution to Iraq.”

Biden made his comments to about 60 people in front of Givanni’s, 109 E. College St. While the event was billed as “A Conversation with the Gay Community,” the Delaware senator focused most of his remarks on the war in Iraq, making his case on withdrawing American troops from the war-torn county by March 2008.

He said plans by other candidates in both political parties were flawed because they advocated creating a central government in Baghdad that would bring democracy to Iraq. Instead, he pushed for creating a confederation of regions with a central government that would handle border security and oil revenue distribution.

“There is no political solution in a unified Iraqi government,” Biden said. “There’s no possibility of them acting together.”

Creating the new Iraqi political system will require an international effort similar to what was done in Bosnia during the 1990s, Biden said. He said other countries are needed because the Bush administration has lost American credibility in the world.

“We have no credibility in that part of the world or in any other part of the world,” he said. “It’s the only shot where we don’t trade a dictator for chaos.”

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