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The Beauty of Korean Seafood

28 May

As promised (as I still struggle with a slow Internet connection), here are some pictures of a wonderful anniversary meal in Kwangan-li in Busan. I could eat hwae (korean-style sashimi) everyday. This restaurant is famous for a particular style of cabbage kimchi, or mugun (overcooked) kimchi. In addition, a welcome surprise were figs lathered in honey.

Korean Sashimi (Hwae)

Saekozi wrapped in two leaves

Kwangau (Flounder) in Gaengnip (my favorite kimchi, too!)

Ureok in Gaengnip

San Nakji (Live Octopus: Chopped and Still Writhing!)

Actually Quite Delicious!

Mugun Kimchi

The Opening Spread

The part about Korean-style sashimi I have always enjoyed is the freedom to choose how to arrange the various components (lettuces, seafood, sauces, and vegetables) into a small mouthful. The same principle operates with beef and pork, but for some reason, for me with seafood, the whole presentation is more elegant without being so artistic as to frustrate the enjoyment (my problem with Japanese food).

My Wife, Kim Jung-hee

Yours Truly

Kwangan Beach and Bridge ‘

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