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Whole Day Wasted

27 May

It was a Korea day!

I measured my connection times in fractions of hours today—seriously, it took fifteen minutes to send an email! I was biting my nails, because I had to send an assignment to my prof (an assignment for which I did not have the book because of the mails). Well, I think the email got through. My firewall has benn attacked relentlessly the last two days, too. Suddenly, about three minutes ago, connectivity returned!

So, little reading online. I tried to post pictures of a great dinner I had at Kwang-an Beach on Saturday, but that will have to wait, too.

Meanwhile, here’s —!.

Finally! Korea has a worthy contestant for Miss Universe! The gorgeous Honey Lee, 24 looks more Japanese than Korean with her cute, sexy image, but there is no denying that she is a total stunner!

The Seoul National University graduate is not the traditional Korean beauty with pale translucent skin and delicate features (think Song Hyegyo or Lee Youngae), she represents the best of what Korea has to offer—taking advantage all the excellent resources of the domestic beauty industry—plastic surgery to enhance her already gorgeous features, skincare, and perfect hair & makeup.


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