The Future of Jihadism

24 May

Jamestown Foundation’s Abdul Hameed Bakier and Erich Marquardt present a three-stage, five-point attack plan against the US posted on two jihadi web forums. The authors argue it is less a plot than vision. Regardless, it’s unclear whether cells are planning to realize this vision, no matter what the jihadi posters themselves claim. The steps are as follows:

1. An attack on New York with nukes;

2. A follow-up attack on Los Angeles;

3. An attack on a third city in Florida, possibly Orlando;

4. Mass strikes in Iraq;

5. Success predicated on recovery of Saudi holy cities, introduction of sharia, removal of the Jordanian monarchy, and recovery of Palestine.

In another article, Maulana Sami ul-Haq, the so-called "Father of the Taliban" also makes :

I’ll see how events unfold in the future. However, I’m optimistic that after 10 years, the whole Muslim ummah will have awakened from its deep slumber; Pakistan is no exception. I think that the vast majority of Pakistanis will not tolerate what is going on here as silent spectators. Here is also a lesson for the United States: to learn from what happened to the former superpower the USSR. It should address the problems of the world in a positive way and address the sense of deprivation being created in the people of this region and especially in the Muslim ummah. Things have drastically changed. With the way they [the United States and its Western allies] inflict cruelties and damages on the Muslim ummah, there will be a strong response. Now, the Muslims have awakened. It is time for the United States to act responsibly. Otherwise, there will be tit-for-tat attacks.

We’ve heard it before, but can we really learn from it?

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