What Becomes of the Pays-As-It-Goes War

19 May

, but it’s clear the juicier irony is that . This is what I elected a divided government for, really!


Bowers also pointed out that the $40 a month to survivors could mean the difference between families being able to have health insurance or not. That this administration would fight over a paltry $6 for the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan is deplorable, but hardly surprising. So Congress, make Bush get out that veto pen one more time. Expose Bush and his rubberstamp Republicans for what they are on Iraq: total hypocrites.

The difference between a 3% and a 3.5% increase is spin-worthy, but at the end of the day, the whole bill is a Mexican standoff. The Bush administration has no leg to stand on, if now it tries to be fiscally conservative. Of course, there is one way to save money, but we can’t just pull out of Iraq. The war that would cause no pain should start to hurt fairly.

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