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Trade Deal, Good or Bad?

14 May

 (I’m beginning to feel like a pro-choice moderate in a GOP primary). The links are must-reads!

Drezner concludes:

In a perfect world, if I had to choose, I wouldn’t clutter trade agreements with these provisions. In the world in which we live, I’ll take these provisions as politically necessary.

Unfortunately, I think the result of this particular deal will be four fewer FTAs Congress has to approve. If ever the Bush administration has the diplomatic clout to negotiate another FTA, I hope the Democrats don’t change the rules after-the-fact again.


A Global Magna Carta

14 May

. Amongst all the fireworks, this paragraph stands out for any clarity:

The goal with such a compact is not to build walls to isolate the millions of people living under authoritarian rule. Instead, it is to provide real leadership by example as well as concrete incentives to respect human rights. Look at the speed with which the incentive of joining the European Union has spurred dramatic reforms throughout Eastern Europe. This model should be replicated on a global scale.

Is this not what  is designed to promote?  Or, amidst the debate about whether championing habeus corpus or social rights is optimal, ?

Amnesty still champions such causes, rattling dictatorial governments (and governments with dictatorial tendencies). But its mission has also become broader and more ambitious, calling for political and economic improvement as well as freedom from judicial persecution. “Working on individuals is important, but if we don’t work on systemic change we just exchange one group of sufferers for another,â€? says Irene Khan, its secretary-general.

Many of the movement’s most vocal supporters strongly support this stance, increasingly entrenched in Amnesty’s thinking; it also chimes well with the visceral opposition to American foreign policy, and to globalisation, that exists in many parts of the world. All that has made Amnesty more popular in some quarters—but also, perhaps, less effective overall.

And, as I’m sure would point out, let’s not forget the military component of such a project/

Let’s start with , and one project: habeus corpus. Kasparov leaves too many questions unanswered.

What’s the Difference Between Apes and Humans?

14 May

The Orange Buddha?

This sounds like a question from Fox’s “” No, it’s not thumbs, or even language. The answer is….! (via )

The human and chimpanzee genomes vary by just 1.2 percent, yet there is a considerable difference in the mental and linguistic capabilities between the two species. A new study showed that a certain form of neuropsin, a protein that plays a role in learning and memory, is expressed only in the central nervous systems of humans and that it originated less than 5 million years ago. The study, which also demonstrated the molecular mechanism that creates this novel protein, will be published online in Human Mutation, the official journal of the Human Genome Variation Society.

Commenter KBS has a good idea: “Now all we need to do is engineer a chimpanzee or bonobo to express type II neuropsin and see what happens!”

But, , and we inject them with neuropsin, does that mean God has orange hair and is bowlegged?

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