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How Rancor and FTAs Mix

7 May

When the EU and South Korea start negotiations, we get . But, .

And, .


George Tenet on MTP

7 May

 featured . I have not read his controversial new book, but i want to do so certainly. I can’t fastcheck his account given on the program, but :

Intelligence was going to be used in a public case.  Now, you have two choices.  You can walk away from that and let policymakers determine how to use the intelligence and then face enormous risks, or you can be very, very careful, and you can do your best to ensure–which I believe is the role of the director–is to always ensure that when the president or anybody else uses intelligence, that, that it be done in a manner that is consistent with what we believe the best intelligence shows.  You could have let Colin Powell go deliver his speech.  You could’ve let him give the speech that the White House wrote and provided the secretary when he came to my headquarters.  We could never let him give that speech.  So you have an obligation, to the best of your ability, to always ensure that your intelligence is used in the best way. You
can choose not to do it that way, but there’s also risk involved in that. The, the notion that we were marketing a war is absolutely false.  That’s not our intent.  Our intent was to make sure that when people speak about things that have to do with data we produced and analysis we produced, that it be done so accurately and fairly.


At that, at that time, the policymakers were deliberating on those things, Tim.  I believe that you’ve got to let them come to their conclusions.  You know, I, I have every confidence that everybody in our government understood what I believed to be a very, very serious time period.

The first statement concerns Tenet’s role during the deliberations leading the Iraq War; the second about his role concerning al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attack. Does he believe he is a policymaker or not?

, and makes a case that it extends further—at least not to the Pork-Barrel Prince, Senator Robert Byrd!

Demonic Power

7 May

, and it seems there were warning signs and opportunities to help him.

Hyang In Cho was so desperate to find help for her silent, angry son that she sought out some members of One Mind Church in Woodbridge to heal him of what the church’s head pastor called “demonic power.”

But before the church could act late last summer, Seung Hui Cho had to return to Virginia Tech to start his senior year, said the Rev. Dong Cheol Lee, minister of the Presbyterian congregation.

College might have been the worst place for Cho, according to interviews with classmates, church members and other acquaintances. At home, he had his parents, his sister and some structure and discipline. At Westfield High School in Chantilly, where he graduated in 2003, he was studious and had joined the science club.

Now, new details have emerged suggesting that Cho’s mental condition worsened at Virginia Tech, especially in his senior year after his mother had sought to step in back home. His isolation grew, and his attention to schoolwork and class time dropped, according to numerous interviews. On April 16, he killed 32 people and himself in the deadliest shooting rampage by an individual in U.S. history.

Cho’s family has said nothing publicly about his medical history, his academic performance or anything else that might explain what drove him to kill. Nevertheless, Hyang In Cho knew last year that her son was troubled. Before finding One Mind, she had gone to several other congregations of various denominations seeking help, according to officials at several Northern Virginia churches.

“His problem needed to be solved by spiritual power,” said Lee, whose church members met with Cho and his mother. “That’s why she came to our church — because we were helping several people like him.” Those churchgoers told Hyang In Cho that her son was afflicted by demonic power and needed deliverance, Lee said.

Again, I would argue, there seems to be some very human explanations for this ghastly event.

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