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Israel’s Defense Minister Does Farce

28 Feb

Israel's Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz (FP Passport)

When I saw this , I honestly thought it was a still from some Naked Gun flick, with Leslie Nielson in the background and William Shatner clutching the binoculars.  Amazing that politicians, with instincts about how to arrange photo opportunities, could fall into such a devastating depiction of their own incompetence.

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Japan Admits Its Muttness

27 Feb

Generally, this blog strives to avoid commentary on domestic Korean issues due to the experiences of .  However, his Western twin, Matt, scores (in the sense that watching taxis and buses duel for a square foot of curb is funny) posted on .  I couldn’t help but sift through a few more of , and found this one:

OK, it’s not as comical, or contentious.  But, I have this optimistic streak!  If only Koreans could face their own inner muttness!

Congratulations, President Gore!

26 Feb

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